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Envirco Corporation manufactures a complete line of clean air systems for the microelectronics, medical device, semiconductor, disk drive, laboratory and pharmaceutical markets, and many other industries requiring ultra-clean environments for critical technologies.

Envirco designed and manufactured the first commercial cleanroom, the first laminar flow surgical suite, the first personnel safety exhaust hood, and the first low profile fan filter unit (FFU). Continuing as the leader in product technology, it's the combination of innovative products with superior service and support that make Envirco the total clean air solution.

Well known for the extensive line of MAC 10 Fan-Filter Units, Envirco manufactures Laminar Flow Modules, Clean benches, Self-Contained HEPA-filtered Negative Pressure Units for the Isolation Room, Biological Safety Cabinets, Envira-Media Systems for Surgical Suites, and products for Pharmacy Applications to meet demands of USP <797>.