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Filter Replacement

During their lifetime, air filters become will become clogged or may be damaged requiring repair or replacement. National Air Filters engineers can detect these situations and take appropriate action. Our engineers have expertise in working in the most demanding conditions, handling and repairing the filter media, frames, and gaskets to ensure installed filter elements - from ASHRAE to HEPA Grade - meet established industry criteria.

HEPA filters are extremely fragile. They require delicate handling and precise installation. Tears, rips, and cracks - which cause leaks and reduce filtration ability - often result when these filters are not properly installed. NAF's certified engineers can find the leak and make the proper assessment: either to change out the HEPA filter, or to patch and seal the leak, then re-certify the filter onsite.

In the event that a replacement is needed, NAF's warehouses stock most grade of filter elements - including terminal and central station HEPA filters - and can quickly deliver, and, if necessary, install and certify them in your cleanrooms, controlled environments, or hoods.

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