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Sterile Environment, Clean Space, and Hazardous Testing

Insuring proper sterile environmental conditions are maintained in critical areas such as the operating suite or isolation room, or when exhausting hazardous materials, NAF follows current ISO and/or IEST Clean Room Testing parameters.

We have tested and certified thousands of cleanrooms, hoods, and controlled environments. Utilizing our extensive experience, our expert engineers will bring the best practices and tests to your facility.

Tests routinely conducted can include:

  • Airflow Velocity Profile
  • Air Volume Profile
  • Room Air Changes
  • Room-to-Room Differential Pressure
  • Room-to-Room Airflow Smoke Pattern
  • HEPA Filter Leak Test
  • Particle Count
  • Light Intensity
  • Noise level
  • Temperature & Humidity
  • Filter Pressure Differential
  • Work Surface Airflow Velocity
  • Recovery
  • Air Parallelism & Smoke Test
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